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Our History

Winzir Foundation is an organization (NGO) working towards constructive and durable change in the lives of underprivileged children living in dismal illiteracy. Irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion or gender, Winzir Foundation embraces anyone who deserves it.

Our Promises
Winzir Foundation promises to work along with children, their guardians and communities to ensure that children are educated, respected, nurtured and loved in the community having a healthy and well nourished participation in their own development.

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What We Are Doing For Children?

Enriching the lives of underprivileged children and providing a platform to become self-reliant, self-disciplined and perceptive for enduring and positive change in the community.


Education is the only thing that paves way for children to become self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-disciplined and perceptive. The goal of Winzir Foundation is to provide education to deprived children who are not able to continue schools or take formal education because of various reasons. Winzir Foundation is working towards free of cost education and wants every child to reach to the pinnacle in their life.

Food for children

Nutritious food for children is of paramount importance. The nourishment in a child with good eating habits influences the growth, development and academic achievement starting early life. Winzir Foundation knows that poor nutrition would affect the lifestyle of children and later on develop complicated medical conditions, thus it has adopted the method of standard balanced diet for the children in their developmental phases. Winzir Foundation provides meals to the children in regular intervals in their own centers.

Medical care facility

Winzir Foundation is supporting the cause in uplifting the needy and deprived children with an understanding that good health can give immense pleasure. Regular primary medical check-ups are done with the help of Winzir Foundation volunteers, doctors, paramedics, etc. Even the teachers and caregivers are competent enough for any early sign or any negative change. Medical, physical, psychological and various other conditions are then treated or taken care of under the supervision of specialists.

Scholarship program

Winzir Foundation aims at comprehensive education program for children at various stages through the scholarship programs. Winzir Foundation understands to help build the better future of children and their families. There are various scholarship programs for children under various categories. These scholarships programs include technical training, skilled trade training, professional college or university education, etc.

Creative Competition

Children by nature are very creative and they have amazing talent to the infinitive. Winzir Foundation understands the creativity in children and hence encourages the little ones to explore their own world and bring forward the talent in them. Arts and crafts, singing, dance, music, science and technology, writing and storytelling competition and many other activities are carried out under the Winzir Foundation umbrella.

Study Tours

It is very well understood at Winzir Foundation that only the classroom learning does not teach children the life’s objective; therefore, alternative educational mean is also required to get different knowledge and experience. Winzir Foundation wants the children to have broader perspective, global cultural awareness through interaction and various other skills with others by the means of study tours and exchange programs.

Fund Raising Event

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Winzir Foundation remains as a medium in enriching the lives of underprivileged children and providing a platform to become self-reliant, self-disciplined and perceptive for enduring and positive change in the community. We want to emerge as a pioneer in knowledge and technology driven, inspirational, scalable and internationally acclaimed organization.

Our Vision

Our Vision

A world in which children are self-reliant, self-disciplined and perceptive. We also encourage the society/community whose individuals and establishment participate in meriting, shielding and enhancing the prosperity and wellbeing of children.

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